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            Active Noise Control

            Active Noise Control

            Active Noise Control is an innovative and exceptionally efficient technology that in various applications is an excellent alternative to traditional solutions to industrial noise, such as walls and housings. Anti-noise derives its operation from the knowledge that sound vibrations can cancel themselves out. In other words, combating sound with sound. The technology has existed for several decades, but has only recently successfully been used in industrial applications. Merford offers you a total anti-noise solution for situations where monotonous noise is a disruptive factor, such as transformers.

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            An anti-noise set-up consists of various speakers, each with its own microphone. Each speaker is a standalone unit that due to innovative software, in virtually real-time, translates the input from the microphone into a noise cancellation signal that at various frequencies reduces the noise level. The set-up requires little room and as a result can be applied in most existing situations.

            Anti-noise applied to transformers
            Transformers produce a characteristic monotonous humming sound that can be experienced as a nuisance when the transformer is located near homes or businesses. A situation of that nature lends itself very well to the application of anti-noise. Merford has successfully completed various transformer projects thanks to this technology. The software with which each speaker is equipped makes it possible to analyse the sound remotely. As a result we know that the systems work flawlessly and that they in fact produced a reduction in noise pollution for surrounding residents.


            • Transformers
            • Compressors
            • Low frequency machines

            Relevant cases

            • Westland Infra
              Achieving effective Active Noise Reduction in a transformer station in a residential area

              A transformer station owned by Westland Infra Netbeheer in the Dutch town of Poeldijk has recently been fitted with an Active Noise Reduction (ANR) system. This makes use of a technology which is also known as anti-noise. There were plans to build new houses close to the transformer station so the transformer station had to meet certain noise requirements. Merford was asked to find a way to reduce the noise pollution levels to a maximum of 40 dB, at a distance of 21 metres on the side of the station where the houses were to be built. An ANR solution was developed to be installed in the transformer station so the sound emissions were reduced to the required levels.