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            Acoustic Screens

            Acoustic Screens

            Some noise problems are best solved using a sound insulating wall. This solution can be used to screen off condenser units, cooling towers, compressors and workstations, for example. When you install an acoustic screen you are assured that the noise does not exceed the legally prescribed limits. This prevents any adverse impacts on the health of personnel and nearby residents.

            Gecoate Geluidsschermen Met Ventilatieroosters Intervet
            Detailaanzicht Suikerunie
            Geluidsschermen In Bestaande Constructie Voor Trafo Alliander
            Akoestische Afscherming Trane Koelinstallatie Opbouw Op Koeler Tweest
            Geluidsschermen Voor Pulppersen Suikerbietenverwerker Suikerunie

            Custom-work as the standard
            We supply acoustic screens in a wide variety of building systems, dimensions, materials and colours, thus enabling us to provide a suitable solution for any situation. For example, Merford developed a type AKR acoustic screen with integrated ventilation for applications where the noise source must be screened off, but where ventilation is still required. Our acoustic screens can be used in existing as well as new development environments.

            Experienced partner
            Merford has 35 years of experience with the application of acoustic screens in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly. Merford always provides you with a ready-for-use solution. We provide noise control guarantees so that you can be sure that the acoustic screens meet your specified requirements. 

            View the key features and possibilities of application of our acoustic screens below. Download the technical product sheets from the banner on the right for additional information.


              Applications                          Features  
            • Cooling machinery and systems
            • Compressors and pumps
            • Transformers
            • Enclosures for premises
            • Offshore applications
            • Sound insulation Rw up to 30 dB
            • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
            • Flexible design using modular system
            • Indoor and outdoor applications
            • Demountable
              Options   Finishes  
            • Doors and windows
            • Integration of ventilation (type AKR)
            • Non-standard shapes and dimensions
            • With and without steel structure
            • Different types of absorbent fillings
            • Comprehensive installation service
            • Sendzimir galvanised
            • Stainless steel
            • Aluminium
            • Coating in RAL colours

            Relevant cases

            • Suiker Unie
              Noise reduction of sugar beet production by Suiker Unie achieved through screen and enclosures

              Suiker Unie develops, produces and sells sugar and specialty sugar products. Its factories are among the most modern in the world. In 2017, the European sugar market regulation expires, which means the production capacity can be increased by 25 per cent. In response to this production expansion, the Suiker Unie factory in Dinteloord will gradually be extended. To reduce the factory’s noise pollution to a minimum for the environment, action was needed. Merford supplied five acoustic enclosures for the transport screws and pulp presses.

            • Cargill Herent
              Noise barrier near Cargill Herent integrated into landscape

              Cargill Herent is in a quiet rural environment near Leuven in Belgium. The sound produced by the production process, involving the conversion of barley into malt, had to be reduced in various ways. Merford had installed various silencers in previous years. The second part of the sound-reduction measures was to design and install a noise barrier.

            • Joulz transformer station Amersfoort
              Sound insulating wall for transformer station in Amersfoort

              Having a transformer station next door can be noisy. A residential area was built near an existing transformer station in Amersfoort. This created a need to reduce the noise generated by the transformer station. Merford, under contract to Joulz, installed a sound-insulating wall consisting of a steel structure and sound-insulating panels for the station. Sound-insulating panels were installed on the inside.