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            Straddle Carrier cabin

            Straddle Carrier cabin

            Controlling a straddle carrier is a complex undertaking. However, the straddle carrier’s efficiency is of major importance to the logistics flow in a container terminal. In addition, the operator’s health and safety and his/her environment are of major importance.

            Merford's Straddle Carrier cabin contains the most optimall glass configuration and climate control
            The intelligent operator unit makes it easier to work in an ergonomic way
            A view on the side, front and underside of the Straddle Carrier cabin

            Complexity becomes effectiveness
            A straddle carrier ostensibly would appear to be a simple container handler, if it were not for the fact that the carrier regularly has to accelerate forwards and backwards, sideways and up and down. Furthermore, it requires sufficient visibility below and around the operator cabin. A straddle carrier therefore requires a well-thought out design for the operator cabin and the operator seat. Merford has conducted extensive research into this area with the aim of making an efficient and safe cabin a natural standard. The result is a straddle carrier cabin that incorporates all of the requirements and safety considerations that apply to a straddle carrier. Merford supplies an optimally constructed cabin in which obstructions that limit visibility are kept to a minimum and the climate control combined with the right types of glazing guarantees clear visibility.

            Intelligent operator seat combination
            Merford equips the cabin with an operator seat combination referred to as the PeBra Pivot, which enables the operator to optimise visibility through means of deft and smart turning movements and a mini-wheel, and  significantly reduces physical stress.