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            NOVA stands for compact design and efficiency at minimum investment cost. In many industrial crane applications, there is minimal space for cabins. NOVA has been designed to nevertheless provide the crane operator with all possible conveniences within a minimal space. The cabin is available as the NOVA 1.2 and NOVA 1.6 versions with a width of 120 cm and 160 cm, respectively. Depending on the model chosen, the NOVA can be equipped with various accessories and components.

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            Nova Interieur

            NOVA – The Smart Compact Cabin
            NOVA is the Ecocab’s compact cousin. The NOVA is also manufactured as a standard cabin. As a result, it can easily be installed in a wide range of crane types and sectors. NOVA is equipped with a glass roof and a glass floor. This makes the cabin suitable for use in situations that require the crane operator to frequently look up or down. Furthermore, the NOVA is equipped with several accessories and facilities that help create a safe working environment, such as a safety bar and a fire extinguisher.

            Expandable to fit every need
            NOVA can be equipped with additional components to suit the desired application. For example, the cabin can be expanded to include a heating and air conditioning unit, widow wipers and roller blinds. Furthermore, the NOVA can be spray-painted in a wide range of RAL colours consistent with the crane’s colour or your company’s corporate image. It is also possible to affix your logo as a sticker on the outside of the cabin.

            Relevant cases

            • Van Haagen
              NOVA operator cabin for large and unique type of crane by Van Haagen crane manufacturers

              In 2015, Merford supplied its standard off-the-shelf cabin NOVA to the crane manufacturers Van Haagen in Bavel, the Netherlands. The final destination: a unique gantry crane in Szczecin, located in the north-west of Poland on the banks of the Dąbie lake. The crane is one of the largest in Europe and is used, among other things, to produce and manipulate foundation jackets for windmills.