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            Heavy Duty Seat

            Heavy Duty Seat

            Traditional seat-console combinations often are unable to withstand heavy and protracted movements. These operator seats furthermore often lack sufficient adjustment options designed to accommodate all individuals. The Heavy Duty Seat stands out in this respect.

            Heavy Duty Seat
            Caroussel Heavy Duty Seat 3
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            Heavy work and ergonomics can also go hand-in-hand
            The Heavy Duty Seat has a unique pneumatic/mechanical suspension system. This suspension system is the same as that used for the Ergoseat, which has amply proven itself in terms of ergonomics and quality. The seat can be adjusted by as much as 240 mm or 8 inches in height. The seat and consoles act as a single suspension system. This supports the crane operator’s upper body and relieves his/her lower back. The console’s height is adjustable. In addition, the seat itself has many adjustment options. The Heavy Duty Seat is equipped with a heavy turntable for stability and is easy to equip with monitors.

            Flexible application
            Due to its many adjustment options, the seat can be used in divergent applications. However, the Heavy Duty Seat is best suited for cranes that are subject to heavy shocks. Industrial applications, such as the offshore and steel sectors, are markets that are perfectly suited for the Heavy Duty Seat. Contact Merford without obligation to find out whether the Heavy Duty Seat also provides lasting added value for operator cabins in your sector.

            Relevant cases

            • PPC Greece
              New cabins for reclaimers in Greek mineral mine

              At the start of 2015, Merford Cabins developed an operator cabin for Public Power Corporation SA (PPC), the biggest energy producer in Greece. PPC has a mine in Megalopoli, in the middle of the Peloponnesus. Reclaimers are used to excavate the mine and transport the materials to the conveyor belt. Merford was asked to produce cabins for two of the existing cranes.

            • Boskalis - Manu Pekka
              Custom-made cabin for backhoe dredger Manu Pekka

              In 2014, Merford supplied a cabin to Boskalis for its Manu Pekka dredger. In 2014 and 2015, a new backhoe dredger was installed on the ship and Merford was asked to develop an operator cabin for this crane. This type of crane is normally used in the mining sector. Therefore, a standard cabin was not an option. Merford produced a cabin that improves the crane’s dredging performance and also equipped the cabin with several useful extras.