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            Ergoseat Service Kit

            Keep your Ergoseat fit with the Ergoseat Service Kit

            Since its launch we have equipped nearly 1.000 cabins with the Ergoseat. The Ergoseat is designed to resist tear and wear and to offer years of pleasant and effective usage, ensuring that the operator can perform his task well and in a healthy manner. However, as with all equipment, extensive usage requires (preventive) maintenance and the occasional repairs. This is where the Ergoseat Service Kit comes in.

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            Our dedicated service team travels the world to assist our customers in maintaining effective operation of the Merford equipment. Based upon their experience we have composed two service kits that we recommend you keep at stock so that you can perform small maintenance and repair jobs on the Ergoseat at all times. Please find the content of both the small and large service kit below.


                Service kit small   Service kit large
            Lockholder          1           1
            Locking fitting tin   1   4
            Straight push-in fitting   2   2
            Screw nipple   2   4
            Cable set short   1   1
            Cable set long   1   1
            Gas spring swing   -   1
            Gas spring heigt   -   1


            Are you interested in ordering a kit to keep your Ergoseat in optimum condition? Please contact us by clicking on the link in the banner on the right.