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            Ergoseat S

            Ergoseat S

            Creating an ergonomic environment is not just limited to new cabins. Merford also can provide crane operators with an improved ergonomic environment for existing cranes. This prevents physical stress and reduces absence due to illness. Merford achieves this goal by supplying a sound solution for the replacement market. An operator seat with a wide range of adjustment options has been developed for this target group. This enables an ergonomic sitting posture for a wide range of male and female body dimensions.

            The Ergoseat S is applicable in traditional operator cabins
            An ergonomic sitting position thanks to the arms used as fulcrum

            The best possible ergonomics in existing cabins as well
            The ‘S’ in Ergoseat stands for ‘standing’.  This is in contrast to the Ergoseat H, which is installed suspended in the cabin. The Ergoseat S can be installed on the floor of an operator cabin. This is why the cabin’s structure does not need to be able to accommodate a ceiling assembly. Yet the seat offers the benefit of various adjustment options and field of view, which makes the Ergoseat S extremely suitable as a replacement for existing operator seats.

            Ergonomics-driven efficiency
            The Ergoseat S makes it easy and comfortable for the operator to use the forearms as support and to operate the consoles with his/her hands. The load placed on the neck and back decreases significantly as a result of this feature, which enables the operator to be and continue to be efficient. The entire design of the Ergoseat S contributes to improved visibility from the operator cabin. Combined with the operator’s ergonomic sitting position, an efficient and safe crane is within reach.

            Relevant cases

            • OBA - Bulk Terminal Amsterdam
              Adapting OBA’s bulk crane: a new front and chair for the control cabin

              OBA is a transhipment port for bulk goods in Amsterdam. The company has a terminal in the Netherlands’ capital city’s western docks (Westelijk Havengebied). One of the 60-ton quay cranes was manufactured by Chinese crane construction company ZPMC. OBA decided to improve several features on the crane, such as the layout of the front of the cabin to improve all-round vision, and the operator’s chair in the middle of the cabin. Merford Cabins manufactured a bay window with an ergonomic operator’s chair that has now replaced the front of the cabin.

            • Jamaica Kingston Port
              Ergoseats for Jamaica Kingston Port's operator cabs

              The Port Authority of Jamaica is a state-owned company that operates the container harbours in Jamaica, including the Kingston Container Terminal. In 2013 Merford received the order to deliver two standing Ergoseats to replace the old traditional seats in two of the wharf cranes.

            • Tobies
              Operator cabins for Tobies bridge cranes in Germany

              The German crane construction company Tobies awarded Merford a contract for the construction of an operator cabin for several German inland ports in cities such as Neuss, Cologne and Duisburg. Because there is less space, the cabin's dimensions are smaller than the normal wharf cranes at seaport terminals. Nevertheless, the available space is put to optimal use and all cranes are equipped with a comfortable and efficient cabin equipped with a standing Ergoseat.