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            Customisation and co-design

            Customisation and co-design

            Custom-made escape doors for the sound walls of the Dutch Betuwelijn

            Merford's doors are available in many versions. For example, any door's size can be supplied to the millimetre. Our doors are available in single-leaf and double-leaf versions and can even be installed in tandem (two doors one behind the other). In addition, Merford can supply various types of door frames, bottom sills, locks, fittings and hinges. Installing a window or a grate into the door is among the available options as well. 

            Finishings and other options are extensive. We would be pleased to discuss our solutions for your specific situation.

            When a door in our standard product range is not adequate for a specific need or situation, we would be pleased to work with you to come up with a fitting solution. A unique door can be developed, tested and manufactured in collaboration with the customer.

            For example, Merford developed a unique emergency escape door for the sound barrier of the Betuwe railway line. This door is entirely in style with the curved wall and meets the project's unique safety and durability requirements.