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            Acoustic Product Improvement

            Acoustic Product Improvement

            Together with you, Merford Noise Control will develop an optimal solution for your product that complies with legal requirements and standards. This value added enables your product to stand out from the competition and gives you a unique proposition to help you expand your market.

            The best possible solution
            Merford Noise Control operates in accordance with all national and international standards and has access to an ISO-certified laboratory for conducting sound tests using the most modern equipment, including an acoustic camera. This camera enables us to look into the heart of your product and to come up with a diagnosis. We then develop the optimal solution for your product on the basis of this diagnosis.

            From advice to production
            On the basis of 3D drawings and simulation software, we are able to predict sound, resonance, vibration and air flows. Aside from the noise solution, there often exists a thermal issue as well. Merford Noise Control is the right party to assist you in this area as well. We combine our years of experience and knowledge of air engineering with the noise solution. This means that you deal with a single company that solves your problem. In addition to developing the solution, Merford also has the ability to produce the product for you. We will prepare a proposal for you free of charge.

            Relevant cases

            • NMBS-werkplaats Mechelen
              Turn-key akoestische las- en slijpmachine voor spoorwegbedrijf NMBS
              Merford is in staat om bij de productie van een machineconstructie de akoestische aanpak volledig te verzorgen en geluidsgaranties te geven. Het spoorwegbedrijf NMBS, onderdeel van de Belgische overheid, schakelde Merford in…