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            Acoustic Components

            Acoustic Components

            Everyone is entitled to a work environment that is not burdened by noise pollution. Not only because the noise generated by machines or other sources has a negative impact on employee health; it can also significantly adversely affect work efficiency. This is why Merford has been working on ways to reduce all kinds of sources of noise to an acceptable level in all applicable industries for the past 35 years.

            Reliability and efficiency
            Merford conceives and implements the best possible solutions for your noise problems, and alleviates any burden whenever possible. We give you reliable advice and solve your noise problems; if possible using standard acoustic components. We have access to a comprehensive range of high-quality products that in many common industrial situations can be supplied in short order, so that noise problems can be smoothly and efficiently resolved.  This includes grills and doors for generator sets, and steam vent silencers for chemical installations. A complete summary of our product range is shown below.


            • Acoustic Louvres
              Acoustic Louvres
              • Sound insulation up to 21 dB
              • A suitable model for each application
              • Austere lining of plates and flanges
            • Silencers
              • Sound insulation up to 60 dB
              • Many custom-made and finishing options
              • Attenuation without affecting the industrial process
            • Acoustic Panels
              Acoustic Panels
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Easy mounting
              • Many custom options
            • Acoustic Materials
              Acoustic Materials
              • Absorption, insulation, vibration damping or a combination
              • A fitted product for every application
              • Many custom options in terms of dimensions and finishing
            • Doors, Covers and Hatches
              Doors, Covers and Hatches
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Construction with a Sendzimir galvanised, stainless steel or aluminium finishing
              • Many optional add-ons

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