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            Research & Development

            Research & Development

            For an innovative company, it is important to be continually on the lookout for new possibilities and opportunities within the profession. Merford Cabins, as a company, wants to continue to look for new opportunities that can improve the crane operator’s work environment and increase its effectiveness. The times are moving ahead, the world is changing and we too, as Merford Cabins, want to continually reinvent our product portfolio.

            Innovation as a passion
            Merford Cabins has a team that is continuously looking for new possibilities and opportunities on the product market to improve our current product portfolio. Innovation is our passion; these activities therefore are perfectly consistent with Merford Cabins’ philosophy.

            In recent years, Merford Cabins has already taken several major steps when it comes to improving and expanding our product portfolio. For example, recently we have entered into a partnership with a Swedish company that enables us to provide a hygienic and effective solution to the crane operator’s ‘toilet problem’. The Cinderella incineration toilet eliminates the need for a sewer discharge and water supply.

            A project with a longer history is the Ergoseat. This operator control unit enables crane operators to carry out their work effectively in an ergonomically responsible way. Independent research has shown that the Ergoseat promotes a better working position for the crane operator and consequently increases effectiveness and output.

            Scientifically supported
            For drastic developments, such as the Ergoseat, we regularly look for a partner who can advise and assist us in the scientific domain. For example, the independent research institute TNO has conducted research into the actual impact on health of working with a Ergoseat and a traditional operator seat. Thanks to this research, we can now say with certainty that the Ergoseat’s sitting method has a significantly lower negative impact in terms of body load in comparison to the traditional sitting position. Scientific support therefore has become a natural component of our R&D processes.

            The Ergoseat and the Cinderella are but two examples of the developments that have transformed Merford Cabins into what it is today. Furthermore, we continue to look for innovative possibilities within Merford Cabins’ discipline. Not because we have to, but because we would not want it any other way.