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            The dredging sector is a heavy industry that sets high demands to the equipment that is used during dredging activities. Dredging ships must be able to handle diverse weather conditions from temperatures below zero to a desert climate. Merford can design and manufacture custom operator cabins for virtually every dredging situation.

            All dredging scenarios allowed for
            Dredging work can be carried out in different ways. The most common methods use backacter cranes and cutter-suction dredgers. In many instances, these cranes require unique, custom cabins. This results in a specific layout that determines the shape of the cabin so that the optimal view is created for the operator.

            The work activities of the backacter require an operator cabin with good sight lines so that the dredging and unloading area can be monitored continuously. Merford Cabins develops operator cabins that are designed for the permanent location such that the sight lines for the operator are optimal. The optional addition of a Merford Industrial Climate Unit contributes to the health of the operator.

            Operators of cutter-suction dredger must have an excellent view around the cabin so they can see both the pontoon and the cutter-suction dredger. Merford Cabins develops operator cabins for cutter-suction dredgers that, thanks to the ergonomic operator seat and appropriately shaped cabin, make it possible for the operator to maintain a good view and work efficiently. There is enough extra space in the cabin for controllers, work materials and displays that provide the operator with the information needed to carry out their work. The operator cabin can be manufactured using the standard Merford design or a customised design.

            Plug-and-play operator cabins
            Thanks to our experience and own engineering department we can install the electronics and controllers. This makes it possible to provide plug-and-play operator cabins. In addition, Merford can also build cabins that have a toilet, shower, kitchen, and other facilities.

            • Dredging - custom-made
              Dredging - custom-made
              • Custom-made
              • Ergonomics and safety
              • Good lines of sight after analysis
            • Heavy Duty Seat
              Heavy Duty Seat
              • Stable and shock proof
              • Adaptable seat and consoles
              • Adjustable air suspension
            • Industrial Climate Control
              Industrial Climate Control
              • Automatic climate control
              • Heating and ventilation
              • Autom. colling and demisting
            • Filter Unit
              Filter Unit
              • Dust-, carbon-, and chemical filters
              • Filters are easy to replace
              • Gives a replacement signal

            Relevant cases

            • Boskalis - Manu Pekka
              Custom-made cabin for backhoe dredger Manu Pekka
              In 2014, Merford supplied a cabin to Boskalis for its Manu Pekka dredger. In 2014 and 2015, a new backhoe dredger was installed on the ship and Merford was asked to develop…