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            Container Handling

            Container Handling

            The materials moved on container terminals nowadays almost always represent a high financial value. This is why it is important for the containers to be processed carefully and efficiently. It should therefore come as no surprise that effectiveness, sustainability, health and safety are of key importance in this sector. In spite of this long list of requirements, Merford is able to transform all key aspects into an operator cabin that does what is required of it. 

            The optimal cabin for all stakeholders
            Merford translates the sum of effectiveness, sustainability, health and safety, together with the user’s wishes and requirements, into an optimal operator cabin for all involved parties. Experience, knowledge and consultation form the common thread in a useful concerted action designed to develop a cabin that best meets the stated requirements. Every requirement is a serious one and is treated as such by Merford. In addition to cabins, Merford also supplies components designed to optimise and improve existing cabins. This includes operator seats, filter units and specific glass. Each and every one geared to its application.

            Experience and inquisitiveness
            Merford Cabins has many years of experience in the development of optimal operator cabins for container handling. Cabins for straddle carriers, Ship-to-Shore (STS), rubber tyred gantry (RTG) and rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes no longer hide any secrets. Through means of continuous development related to materials, production and ergonomics, Merford continuously attempts to further develop itself. This enables us to virtually always find the best possible solution for your application. 


            • S Cleaner
              new S Cleaner
              • Dissolves grease and dirt
              • No water needed
              • Clean cabin windows in 8 min.
            • Ergoseat H
              Ergoseat H
              • Hanging unit
              • Optimal field of view
              • Ergonomic sitting position
            • Ergoseat S
              Ergoseat S
              • Ergonomic sitting position
              • Looking downwards healthily
              • Universal applicable
            • STS cabin
              STS cabin
              • Suitable for ship to shore crane
              • Healthy and safe work environment
              • Walkable glass, good vision
            • RMG cabin
              RMG cabin
              • Suitable for rail mounted gantry
              • Ergonomic vision and layout
              • Healthy and safe work environment
            • RTG cabin
              RTG cabin
              • Suitable for RTG-crane
              • Min. shock- and noise nuisance
              • Painless and efficient working
            • Checker cabin
              Checker cabin
              • Ergonomics and efficiency
              • Customer-specific in- and exterior
              • HVAC, Filter unit, etc. optional
            • Remote Control Station
              new Remote Control Station
              • Controlling (a) crane(s) from the office
              • Electronic height adjustment
              • Ergonomics and aesthetics
            • Straddle Carrier cabin
              Straddle Carrier cabin
              • Effective driving and moving
              • Intelligent seat combination
              • Optimum and clear vision
            • Industrial Climate Control
              Industrial Climate Control
              • Automatic climate control
              • Heating and ventilation
              • Autom. colling and demisting
            • Filter Unit
              Filter Unit
              • Dust-, carbon-, and chemical filters
              • Filters are easy to replace
              • Gives a replacement signal
            • Cinderella
              • Combustion instead of flushing
              • Safe and durable
              • Power supply: 220-230 V

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