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            Sonobex; one year later

            02-28-2018 by Joost Vertooren
            Sonobex 3A

            It has been a year since Merford acquired the award-winning, university start-up Sonobex. With this Merford has not only ensured more 'brainpower', but also acquired a revolutionary technology for reducing noise. A lot has happened since the takeover; an overview.

            First application
            The technology developed and patented by Sonobex has been used for the first time to reduce noise from a transformer station in London, England. Merford installed an acoustic screen with the NoiseTrap® technology developed by Sonobex. This technology, based on metamaterial concepts, cancels out the noise in the panel where natural ventilation is possible. Read more about the project, here

            Further development of active noise cancellation system
            Whereas passive noise control solutions are generally aimed at stopping noise with mass and physical barriers, active noise cancelling solutions use counter-sounds to block irritating noise. In 2017 Sonobex started with the development of active noise reduction (ANR) based on the latest electronics and software. As a result we expect to be able to increase the possibilities for the use of ANR in 2018. Stay informed via our newsletter or social feeds.

            Computer simulations
            Sonobex has years of experience with computer simulations for sound. Last year this knowledge has been extended with simulations of mechanical loads and air/fluid flows. Within Merford, for example, this knowledge has been put into practice in the further development of the Ergoseat and the reduction of counterpressure and flow noise in our operator cabins. Read more about the project, here.