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            SmartGlass in crane cabins: a clear future?

            07-11-2014 by Merford Cabins
            Smartglass Darktransp
            SmartGlass for operator cabins

            Merford champions work environments in which health and safety for everyone is the norm. Crane operators also deserve to have access to the right resources to make their work more comfortable. The sun can be an important factor in this respect. The sun's reflection on the water often makes it impossible for the operator to do his/her work without squinting. Merford, in collaboration with Vision Systems and SPD-SmartGlass, is working on an effective solution: dimmable glass.

            One of our cabins was on display at the recent TOC Container Supply Chain Europe event held in London. This QC cabin is equipped with a dimmable front window, which enables the operator to determine how much sunlight the window should allow through. This makes it easier for the operator to work more efficiently and precisely. The tests on these windows are at an advanced stage and Merford shortly expects to receive the first orders for cabins with SmartGlass windows.

            The above-referenced development is not the only Research & Development activity in which Merford Cabins is currently involved. The developments related to dimmable windows are closely connected to our search for a way of displaying real-time camera images onto a window screen. But also data and statistics that are important for the operator. Making a window less transparent makes it easier to project information onto it. As a result, the operator has to change his/her viewing angle less frequently in order to operate the machine. Insight as to whether this can actually be successfully achieved should be available in the near future; developments are in full swing.

            Merford makes every effort to provide crane operators with solutions that make it possible to work efficiently in a pleasant work environment without incurring physical complaints. The mentioned developments make a real contribution in this respect.