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            Cinderella: the incineration toilet for crane operators

            08-20-2013 by Merford Cabins

            Merford is always focused on providing an efficient and a safe and healthy working environment for crane operators. Almost every workplace all over the world has adequate sanitation except in the vicinity of crane operators. Sanitary facilities are most of the time far away. This often leads to uncomfortable and unhygienic situations. The productivity of the crane will decrease when an operator is forced to get of the crane. Placing a toilet on a crane, however, is not easy. It's hardly possible to bring water on site and to drain the waste. To remove the waste by hand is also not required by the employees. 

            Merford therefore introduces an Incineration Toilet for cranes, called The Cinderella. The Cinderella is approved by Nemko and is CE marked. It's a high quality Scandinavian product. Only electrical power (110-230 V) is required and the waste is burned into a little amount of ashes. The ash pan only has to be emptied after the toilet is used about 300 times. The toilet gives an automated signal in that case. The remnant is free of bacteria, is odourless and attracts no flies and there is no need for chemicals / composting agents. It's possible to install the toilet inside or close to the crane cabin.