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            • London transformer station
              04-06-2018 by Merford

              Merford applies new noise control technology to a London transformer station

              In the Bayswater district in London, the transformers of a power distribution station could be heard by local residents. Merford installed an acoustic screen with the NoiseTrap® technology developed by Sonobex. 

            • Sonobex; one year later
              02-28-2018 by Joost Vertooren

              Sonobex; one year later

              It has been a year since Merford acquired the award-winning, university start-up Sonobex. With this Merford has not only ensured more 'brainpower', but also acquired a revolutionary technology for reducing noise. A lot has happened since the takeover; an overview.

            • Sound level reduction in cabins
              02-15-2018 by Merford Cabins

              Merford Cabins and Sonobex reduce the sound level in operator cabins

              Merford Cabins is the global market leader in STS cabins. This cabin model was designed for large quay cranes that load and unload container ships. Our STS cabins are mostly standardized and comply with the applicable port processes and the demands of time. Throughout the years our engineers researched, tested and implemented an impressive number of optimizations.

            • Cradle to Cradle certification for Ecocab NEO
              05-16-2017 by Merford Cabins

              Merford produces first Cradle to Cradle operator cabin in the world

              Merford's Ecocab NEO is the world's first sustainable Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified cabin. This means that the separately used materials can be reused. Furthermore, the creation of an ergonomically sound and comfortable workplace with a healthy interior climate was the leading design principle.

            • Merford neemt Sonobex over
              02-01-2017 by Merford

              Takeover UK start-up Sonobex by Merford

              With effect from January, Sonobex was acquired by Merford UK. This secures Merford not only more 'brain power', but also brings a revolutionary technology in house: capable of reducing noise using by innovative, novel methods.