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            There are various reasons for wanting to make a vehicle quieter. For example, in order not to disturb the sleep of neighbouring residents during the loading and unloading of trucks or to protect drivers from hearing loss. Noise control in ambulances can even save lives: just think of what could happen if the siren were to drown out communication! However, ‘ordinary’ comfort is a cast-iron motive as well. No one likes to listen to the drone of the engine during a bus trip, particularly not on long trips.

            Ready-made or custom-made
            The type of noise reduction that is most suitable differs by situation. Sometimes the acoustic material we carry in our webshop offers a solution, while in other instances the best alternative is a customised solution. Merford’s specialists first analyse the source of the noise. We do this on-site or in our own acoustics laboratory. Different measurements, including measurements with an acoustic camera, provide a good overview of the situation. Next, we select the most suitable acoustic materials and develop a custom-made solution. Are you subject to the PIEK standard noise reduction certification requirements? Or do you require additional heat-resistance? We incorporate all of your wishes and conditions into the engineering process.

            We supply our products just-in-time from our branch in Gorinchem. This saves you a great deal of storage space. The materials can be supplied in boards, rolls and as (sets of) die cut or water jet cut custom parts. This solution is profitable even in small batches.

            Additional Information
            If you want your vehicles to be quieter and you are interested in knowing what Merford can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.