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            Every specific crane requires a cabin that is specifically geared to its environment. Excellent downward visibility is required for a crane in the container throughput sector. Such cabins are furthermore subjected to high dynamic loads. Another example is the offshore cabin, which must be able to withstand weather conditions and the hazards caused by stormy seas. Merford designs innovative cabins for any specific work environment.

            Huge undertaking
            The construction of a new crane is a huge undertaking. To successfully deliver a crane, it is important that the crane builder, the supplier of the operating system, the end-user and Merford Cabins collaborate intensively. In such partnerships we often assume a major organisational role, as a result of which the project runs more smoothly for everyone involved.

            Safety and ergonomics fortunately are elements that are receiving increased attention in crane cabins. The realisation that a healthy, comfortable work environment is of importance and affects productivity is steadily growing. This is why Merford supplies total plug-and-play solutions. A cabin that is already fully aligned with the existing crane back in our production hall. The right dimensions, all necessary connecting options and of course equipped with a healthy, ergonomic layout.

            A healthy, safe and comfortable work environment leads to more efficient working. This certainly applies to crane operators. An ergonomic chair with freely moving operating elements and the right physical support, a ventilation system for a continuous supply of clean air, control of vibrations and sound... All of these factors contribute to an optimal work environment. Merford supplies standard cabins, as well as client-specific solutions.

            Additional Information
            If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page. You can also click on one of the links below to learn more about our product range and activities for this sector.


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              Roof window test Merford Cabins
              Roof window test Merford Cabins

              Merford has, in collaboration with organization for certifications TÜV, tested the roof windows of her Ecocab and Sennebogen port cab. The roof grid of the Ecocab is tested as well. The objects were tested with a falling 7 kg-steel ball thrown from a 2 meter height. After a succesfull completion of the test, the windows and grid meet the requirements of the EN 13852-2: 2004 and EN 13000: 2010 standards for offshore and mobile cranes. Click to watch a summary on YouTube, including slowmotion pictures of the impact.

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              The Saipem 7000 is the second largest crane vessel in the world and is primarily used as a lifting workhorse for drilling platforms. The ship has several special characteristics. The vessel is not only almost 200 metres long and more than 80 metres wide, it also houses two large cranes, each capable of lifting 7,000 tonnes. Merford was involved in the replacement of two cabins for the main cranes, as well as the smaller contento cranes and the helideck.


              MultiRio is a modern container terminal located in the port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The terminal has two berths and modern equipment designed to load and unload large container ships relatively fast. Merford has supplied various operator cabins for STS and RTG cranes since 2010, all equipped with Merford’s ergonomically responsible Ergoseat.