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            Compressors and pumps

            Compressors and pumps

            We need compressors and pumps in order to move liquids, gases and air quickly and efficiently. This equipment makes a tremendous amount of noise. The areas where these ear-deafening machines are located not only include industrial areas, but frequently quiet and residential areas as well. It is therefore no wonder that Merford Special Doors also plays a major role in this market. We help manufacturers comply with noise-related laws and regulations and contribute to a competitive market position.

            For (OEM) gas compressor manufacturers complying with noise-related legislation is a high priority. In this respect they need a partner with the best possible noise control systems. Merford Noise Control is that partner for Dutch as well as international manufacturers. We would like to collaborate with you in developing a turnkey-custom-made solution. We take the work off your hands, ranging from sound calculations and ventilation calculations to on-site assembly and installation.

            Total solution
            In developing modular or comprehensive compressor housings we consider all possible aspects: ease of service and maintenance, health and safety requirements, weight, choice of materials, method of construction, explosion resistance, fire safety, ventilation, lighting, heating and access engineering. This may be preceded by acoustic calculations, flow simulations, and blast structural analyses. Following our engineering and your approval of the 3D design, we move to production in our own factory. Extensive tests enable us to provide you with a consequential sound guarantee for the end-result.

            Additional information
            If you are interested in finding out what Merford can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.