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            Original Equipment Manufacturers

            Generators, motors and compressors: machines with moving parts make a significant amount of noise. Companies that develop and manufacture machines and equipment are often looking for solutions to that noise. Merford offers these solutions. We ensure that your machines comply with noise-related laws and regulations. In addition, our sound solutions can increase the comfort of a vehicle, for example. Or play a decisive role in a competitive struggle for the quietest vacuum cleaner, for example. In addition to sound solutions, Merford also supplies ergonomic and innovative operator cabins for cranes and vehicles.  

            Efficient sound solutions
            Making machines quieter is not an easy task, however in the machine and equipment building sector it is essential to comply with applicable noise criteria. Merford helps you control undesirable noise in two ways. First, we can counteract many forms of noise pollution by integrating acoustic materials or components into a product. Second, the solution to your noise problem may also be inherent in a total product. In that case we offer a turnkey solution and, through means of a housing or a different structure, we ensure the source of the sound is completely insulated.

            We provide a consequential sound guarantee for the end-result. We are able to do this, because all of our solutions and products are designed on the basis of in-depth knowledge and extensive testing.

            Comfortable operator cabins
            Merford designs comfortable and innovative operator cabins that of course comply with all legislated requirements, for all kinds of cranes. Each cabin can be fully designed to meet your wishes. As such we supply standard cabins, as well as client-specific solutions. We would be pleased to advise you, guarantee high quality and deliver on time.

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              Merford champions work environments in which health and safety for everyone is the norm. Crane operators also deserve to have access to the right resources to make their work more comfortable. The sun can be an important factor in this respect. The sun's reflection on the water often makes it impossible for the operator to do his/her work without squinting. Merford, in collaboration with Vision Systems and SPD-SmartGlass, is working on an effective solution: dimmable glass.

              Sight line study for operator cabins
              Sight line study for operator cabins

              Employee efficiency, safety, and health. These are aspects that play an increasingly important role in harbours, heavy lifting, and heavy industries. An ergonomic work environment for an operator can contribute a lot to these aspects. To achieve this, an operator must be able to see his work area without physical stress. A sightline study provides a solution.

              Roof window test Merford Cabins
              Roof window test Merford Cabins

              Merford has, in collaboration with organization for certifications TÜV, tested the roof windows of her Ecocab and Sennebogen port cab. The roof grid of the Ecocab is tested as well. The objects were tested with a falling 7 kg-steel ball thrown from a 2 meter height. After a succesfull completion of the test, the windows and grid meet the requirements of the EN 13852-2: 2004 and EN 13000: 2010 standards for offshore and mobile cranes. Click to watch a summary on YouTube, including slowmotion pictures of the impact.

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              Wonderplant Greece
              Wonderplant Greece

              An exceptionally large greenhouse for a new tomato farm near the Greek location Drama was fitted with four CHP installations to supply the greenhouse with electrical power heat. In close collaboration with CHP supplier and client MWM Benelux BV, Merford Noise Control installed a unit consisting of four adjacent sound insulating housings with a recirculation system that reuses the dissipated heat.

              EMO Rotterdam
              EMO Rotterdam

              EMO is a bulk terminal located in the Netherlands and is the largest bulk goods and transhipment company in Europe. The terminal is located on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam region and has two 50-tonne and three 85-tonne unloaders. The fifth unloader was recently installed. Merford developed custom-made operator cabins for three of these unloaders.