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            Bulk Handling

            Bulk Handling

            Moving large volumes of sand, stones, ores or coal, for example; from a quarry, mine or pit to ship and from ship to the factory. A bulk handling crane moves an enormous mass of raw materials. The person responsible for this process, the cabin operator, in our eyes deserves the best possible environment: a cabin that makes it possible to perform the work in an efficient and of course, safe, way.

            The dynamics involved in these operations is one of the key characteristics of bulk handling. An operator is required to regularly twist him/herself into unnatural positions in order to maintain a good view of his/her operations. Merford is well aware of these dynamic requirements and therefore equips the cabins with an extremely ergonomic layout that is as comfortable as possible. In addition, we also pay careful attention to proper air conditioning and to the right lines of sight for the operator. In addition to cabins, our engineering team also developed operator control units and filter and climate control systems, specifically designed for bulk handling. Aligned with all of your wishes, requirements and safety needs.

            Safety is a priority
            Merford always gives priority to the operator’s health and safety in the design and production of cabins and control units. All of our products meet the most stringent safety requirements and are made using high-quality materials. Operators throughout the world work in complete satisfaction in Merford’s ergonomic cabins!

            The best possible solution
            If you would like to provide your operators with a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment as well, our staff would be pleased to assist you in finding the best possible solution for your own situation. Inquire about the possibilities by using the link on the right side of this page, or click here to view the product range of Merford Cabins for bulk handling.

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              Roof window test Merford Cabins
              Roof window test Merford Cabins

              Merford has, in collaboration with organization for certifications TÜV, tested the roof windows of her Ecocab and Sennebogen port cab. The roof grid of the Ecocab is tested as well. The objects were tested with a falling 7 kg-steel ball thrown from a 2 meter height. After a succesfull completion of the test, the windows and grid meet the requirements of the EN 13852-2: 2004 and EN 13000: 2010 standards for offshore and mobile cranes. Click to watch a summary on YouTube, including slowmotion pictures of the impact.

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              EMO Rotterdam
              EMO Rotterdam

              EMO is a bulk terminal located in the Netherlands and is the largest bulk goods and transhipment company in Europe. The terminal is located on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam region and has two 50-tonne and three 85-tonne unloaders. The fifth unloader was recently installed. Merford developed custom-made operator cabins for three of these unloaders.