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            Testing industry

            Testing industry

            Testing to determine the HPs of a race car or the lifespan of a chainsaw. All of these tests involve ear-deafening racket. This is why the key requirement for a test room is that it properly insulates the sound created within it. Unless the test concerns the sound itself. In that case it is important to block all of the noise coming from the outside. Every product is tested before it enters the market: ranging from electric toothbrushes to aircraft engines. The testing industry is extremely multi-faceted and this is something Merford is adapted to well with its various solutions.

            Acoustic test rooms
            Our test rooms are constructed using robust, self-supporting panels. These can be equipped with doors, windows, dampers, ventilation and special acoustic materials. The solution that meets your needs depends on the object to be tested and the testing method. Based on your needs our specialists will develop a suitable turnkey design with a sound guarantee. In this respect we take into account ease of maintenance and, if necessary, fire safety and additional ventilation. For optimal ventilation at the right place, we install adjustable grills, valves and ductwork. If applicable, the ventilation system operates at the same time as the driving wind simulation.

            Control rooms
            A Merford control or operator room protects your employees against noise during testing. Pleasant sound levels enable engineers to concentrate better and therefore perform their work at a higher level of quality. The control room not only protects them against excessive noise, but also against other influences, such as heat and exhaust fumes. We equip each control room with safety glass and sufficient ventilation as standard features.

            Anechoic rooms and test cells
            The purpose of an anechoic room or test cell is to measure the sound produced by a product, rather than to insulate against it. Before a CE quality mark can be granted for a product, its sound level must be known. It must be impossible for outside sound to penetrate a quiet room and the reverberation time must be zero. Merford develops, supplies and installs acoustic cladding as well as turnkey solutions designed to achieve this.

            Additional information
            If you are interested in finding out what Merford can do for you, contact us without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.

            • Related cases

              A subsidiary of Emerson Climate Technologies is located at the foot of the High Fens in the municipality of Welkenraedt in Belgium. Emerson asked Merford to create an acoustic test cell that would enable the company to measure the acoustic power of its compressors in spite of the noise produced by the production hall. The acoustic test cell supplied by Merford consists of two superimposed SKS enclosures and meets this requirement.

              Anglo Belgian Corporation
              Anglo Belgian Corporation

              Merford has supplied the largest test cells it has ever built in the Benelux countries for the huge diesel engines manufactured by ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) in the Belgian city of Ghent. The test cells consist mostly of concrete, and have removable acoustic wall and roof components. The concrete walls have SKA absorption panels. The test cells also have a ventilation system with silencers and rain hoods. A third test cell will be delivered at the end of 2014.