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            The mining industry is characterised by extreme conditions. Machines and vehicles each day defy these conditions to extract our raw materials. Merford considers it important that the operators operating these machines and vehicles can do their work as safely and efficiently as possible in the best possible health.

            Optimal work environment
            Before we design and produce a cabin, we first determine which aspects need to be considered as part of the design process. For example, in the mining industry we provide due consideration to the extremely high temperatures, harmful gases and dust particles, vibrations and undesirable noise levels and the possibility of explosion or the danger of falling objects. The final cabin is designed to operate under all of these conditions, combined with any additional client-specific wishes and requirements. This way we create a control space, cabin or control room with attention to ergonomics and safety; one that is of course extremely functional.  

            Focus on the operator
            Our starting point in the design of every cabin is the operator. Indeed, the operator works on a day-to-day basis in the extreme conditions of the mining industry. Due to our many years of experience and especially by listening well to the operators’ wishes, we have been able to produce cabins that guarantee a safe, comfortable and efficient work environment. An ergonomic chair equipped with innovative aids, a ventilation system for a continuous supply of clean air and optimal visibility due to special glass treatment: all features that are indispensable to cabin operators in the mining industry!

            If you are looking for safe, comfortable and functional cabins for machines and vehicles used in closed or open mining, or quarries, Merford Cabins’s staff would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you! Contact our representative by using the link on the right side of this page or learn more about our solutions for this sector by clicking on one of the links below.


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