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            Food industry

            Food industry

            Hygiene is a high priority in the food industry. Being forced to recall a product from its shelves is every producer’s nightmare. The investment, reputation, and most certainly the customers’ health are too valuable for that. Merford is acutely aware of the importance of excellent hygiene and helps you with solutions that meet all hygiene criteria. 

            Quiet and Clean
            Machines used in the production process make noise. Just like ventilation systems. A food processing factory is no different from other factories in this respect. Controlling noise is of major importance, but it has to be combined with hygiene. This is why both of these dimensions are given the highest possible priority. In the design of noise-insulating housings and other turnkey noise control solutions, we ensure that they are easy to clean. Furthermore, we take care of even the finest details of the product so that it does not release any fibres.

            Access Engineering
            For sound-proof, fire-safe, and for example, airtight doors for the food industry we make frequent use of stainless steel. Here too the rule that prevails is that it must be possible to properly and thoroughly clean them without damaging the doors’ quality. Together with your in-house/external architectural experts, Merford Special Doors develops the design for the doors. We integrate a combination of tested and certified properties in the design. Regardless of whether the doors are custom-made or manufactured in series, functionality and efficiency come first. This applies to the assembly as well, which takes the least possible time.

            Additional Information
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