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            Residential construction

            Residential construction

            Residential Building
            Urbanisation is the accepted standard today. People are living closer together and want all facilities within easy reach. Increasingly more often complexes are constructed whose users live, work, park, shop and exercise there. On the one hand this is handy, but on the other hand this can cause annoyance. If the sound from the TV is drowned out by music from aerobics classes, something went wrong. The same would be true if the carts used in the supermarket cause vibrations throughout the entire building. Guaranteeing living comfort in these complexes requires a great deal of attention to and craftsmanship in controlling sound.

            Acoustic Solutions
            Controlling sound in residential building is all about reducing structure-borne sound and airborne sound. Structure-borne sound, for example the sound of walking, can be counteracted by uncoupling the floor or wall from the building structure. Merford supplies vibration-insulating materials for this purpose.
            The sound of voices or, for example, the sound of a musical instrument is referred to as airborne sound. A noise insulation wall or ceiling keeps these sounds out. We also have various solutions for quiet home ventilation. Acoustic inno noise dampers for the air ducts of mechanical ventilation, as well as quiet ventilation that keeps traffic noise outside.

            Doors: sound-insulating, fire-resistant and burglary-proof
            The mandatory porch or entrance. A thorn in the side for most architects. This area insulates properly against sound, but limits the creative and functional use of the living area. Merford Special Doors makes the traditional entrance superfluous through means of its highly sound insulating doors. This provides occupants with additional living space, while the number of square metres remains the same. Our specialism is the ability to combine different properties. This is why a Merford Door is naturally fire-resistant and burglary-proof. This is also exceptionally functional for doors to rooms that house technical facilities in a residential complex. Of course we keep pace with the newest aesthetic trends and requirements of our customers.

            Additional Information
            If you are interested in knowing what Merford can do for you in residential building projects, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.