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            Merford produces enclosures for compressors on Edvard Grieg oil platform


            In 2013, Merford was awarded a contract for the design and construction of four sound-insulating enclosures for Siemens Energy Oil & Gas for the Norwegian production platform Edvard Grieg. The enclosures will be installed around Siemens compressor trains on two decks of the platform’s Process Module. The compressors will be used to transport gas from the production platform to the Scottish coast and to the Sleipner A platform, as well as for re-injecting gas into the field. To protect operators in the immediate environment of the compressor skids, it was decided to equip the installations with sound-insulating enclosures.

            Accessibility and Efficiency
            At the end of 2013, work began on the design of the enclosures surrounding the Siemens compressor trains for the Recomp, Injection, Export and Export HC compressors. The accessibility and protection of the critical components on the Siemens skid were part of the design criteria. Merford adjusted the design to produce a fully assembled enclosure, capable of being lifted as a single piece for placement over the compressor train in one go. This avoided a great deal of assembly time at the Norwegian yard.

            Design Criteria
            The design was subject to a complex package of requirements and specifications. The enclosures were designed subject to the Norwegian NORSOK standard; a stringent design guideline with a key focus on a safe operator working environment. In addition to the acoustic design, Merford incorporated an explosion-proof steel structure, forced air ventilation systems, fire and gas detection, a titanium fire extinguishing piping network and the electrical installation into the design. Merford closely collaborated with specialised partners for this purpose. By adopting a critical approach to the design specifications, Merford managed to achieve a significant weight reduction. The housings were built using stainless steel panels, doors and hatches, and a coated steel structure. The extreme explosion requirement, combined with the no-flying-objects requirement, resulted in a bolted SKS version. The panels are entirely made of stainless steel 316 and equipped with a special NORSOK-certified absorption core and foil. Due to the size and the weight of the housings – smallest 8.6 x 4 x 4.3 m (21.4 tonnes); largest 16.8 x 5 x 5.6 m (34.2 tonnes) – an assembly hall was leased in Waspik, the Netherlands. Merford built the enclosures there and installed the safety systems.

            Delivery and Acceptance
            Following a successful Factory Acceptance Test (including sound and flow measurements) and acceptance by Siemens and the final customer, the enclosures were delivered in two stages; the Recomp and Injection in February and the Export and Export-HC in May 2014. The enclosures were driven to the wharf in a deep-loader and lifted onboard an inland waterway vessel using a heavy mobile crane. They were transferred to a seagoing vessel in Schiedam, after which they were transported to the wharf in Norway. The modules were placed on the jacket during the course of 2015, after which the platform went into production at the end of 2015.