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            Merford’s PortCab and MasterCab for Sennebogen: a success story for years

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            It is almost impossible to overlook Sennebogen’s cranes. Thanks to their distinctive green color, you know right away that you are dealing with a Sennebogen crane. Their cabins also stand out, partly because of the contrasting color and contemporary layout. Some of Sennebogen’s cranes are fitted with a cabin from Merford, depending on the crane types and customer’s wishes. This has been the standard for years, as of the late nineties, to the satisfaction of Sennebogen and the end customers.

            Sennebogen and Merford
            The German company Sennebogen has its headquarters in Straubing, and is a renowned supplier of cranes for a wide range of industries. The Bavarian crane builder has customers on all continents. The collaboration between Merford and Sennebogen goes far back. Merford has been supplying Sennebogen with operator cabins since 1998, for a diversity of crane types; mostly in ports, steel mills, and waste companies. 

            PortCab and MasterCab
            Through the years, Merford produced dozens of the PortCab and MasterCab. In the first years an altered version of a standard Merford cabin was applied, until the collaboration with Sennebogen resulted in a new design in 2008: the PortCab. This cabin, that got renewed and improved several times in the years that followed, is distinctive thanks to its comprehensive and sophisticated layout. For instance, the cabin has a system for climate control and sun protection features. In 2012, the MasterCab was developed. This cabin is larger than the compact MaxCab from Sennebogen, and slightly smaller than the PortCab from 2008. This variety of cabins enables Sennebogen to measure up to the customer’s wishes in many ways.