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            Mars Veghel

            Quieter exhaust by grinding line in Mars factory

            The grinding line fans are equipped with new IXKA type silencers

            One of the largest chocolate factories in the world is in Veghel, in the Netherlands. Here, Mars produces various chocolate bars such as Mars, Bounty and Twix. The factory has a grinding line with several fans with silencers, which transport the grinding air outside. The existing silencers were outdated and needed replacing. Merford supplied six new silencers equipped with removable splitters and inspection hatches, all manufactured for rapid installation during short stoppages of the production lines.

            Merford Noise Control supplied six new IXKA type silencers for the factory. They are fitted with removable splitters. This means they can be cleaned or replaced when they become dirty. Each silencer also comes with an inspection hatch. Due to noise restriction regulations, the pipe bends are fitted with external acoustic insulation. The silencers and the pipe bends were entirely assembled in Merford's factory. This meant that the components could be quickly installed while the production lines were at a standstill. The operation was carried out by an external company supervised by Merford.