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            Joulz transformer station Amersfoort

            Sound insulating wall for transformer station in Amersfoort

            Side view of the sound-absorbing wall for the Joulz Transformer Station
            Sound-absorbing panels attached to the inside of the transformer station
            Sound-absorbing wall for the transformer station
            Inside of Joulz Transformer Station in Amersfoort

            Having a transformer station next door can be noisy. A residential area was built near an existing transformer station in Amersfoort. This created a need to reduce the noise generated by the transformer station. Merford, under contract to Joulz, installed a sound-insulating wall consisting of a steel structure and sound-insulating panels for the station. Sound-insulating panels were installed on the inside.

            An old factory site in Amersfoort was demolished to make room for new homes. The site also contained a 50 kV transformer station. The station is essential for supplying electricity to local homes and therefore was not demolished. However, the new homes were constructed near the station, as a result of which they can hear the noise from it.

            Transformers generate a specific tone in the 100 Hz frequency range. To eliminate this, Merford Noise Control constructed a sound-insulating wall for the transformer station. In addition, the inside of the transformer station was fitted with sound-absorbing panels. The sound-absorbing panels inside the walls and the sound-absorbing panels on the inside of the transformer station were selected for their maximum silencing and sound-absorbing properties in the 100 Hz frequency range.

            The sound-insulating wall consists of a steel structure with sound-insulating panels and can be lifted as a single unit, which means the transformer can easily be removed.