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            Jamaica Kingston Port

            Ergoseats for Jamaica Kingston Port's operator cabs

            The Port Authority of Jamaica is a state-owned company that has responsibilities that include the container harbours in Jamaica, including the Kingston Container Terminal. In 2013 Merford received the request to deliver two standing Ergoseats to replace the old traditional seats in two of the wharf cranes.

            Ergoseat S in existing operator cabin
            At the beginning of 2014 the two Ergoseats were delivered in Jamaica and installed by a Merford mechanic. The Ergoseat is an excellent alternative to traditional operator combinations. It is important to relieve the back in situations where the crane operator must regularly look downwards. The Ergoseat supports the underarms of the operator, which makes it possible to work longer shifts without incurring physical complaints. The Port Authority of Jamaica also saw the added value in an ergonomic control unit and asked Merford to deliver an Ergoseat that would fit in the existing operator cabins.

            Ergonomic operation in new and traditional cabins
            The Ergoseat is available as a hanging or standing model. The hanging version, the Ergoseat H, does not make contact with the cabin floor and this allows a larger area to be seen under the cabin. The standing Ergoseat S is suitable for traditional cabins. The Ergoseat S is primarily designed for traditional cabins because most of these were not designed with a hanging operator seat in mind. Just like the Ergoseat H, the Ergoseat S has a layout that allows the crane operator to work longer shifts without physical complaints.