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            Groeneveldt Marine Services

            Attractive divisible wheelhouse for IHC Delta Multi Craft 1050

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            Groeneveldt Marine Services, a shipbuilder based in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands, is constructing the workboats for IHC’s Beaver Cutter Suction Dredgers. These compact Delta Multi Crafts (DMC) are a helping hand for the CSD boats during dredging operations. They can be deployed as towboats, they are used to replace the cutter heads, or they can refuel the CSD. Merford Cabins has supplied the wheelhouses for the DMC boats since last summer.

            Two sections
            IHC has three types of DMC workboats. The DMC 1050 is the smallest model, measuring 10.4 by 4.05 metres. The steel wheelhouse is mounted on the deck with shock-absorbers. Among other things, the cabin is factory-equipped with a ship’s horn, a wooden mast with navigation lights, a searchlight, windscreen wipers and a demisting function for the front window. The ceiling is covered in panels made of absorbent material. A unique feature of the cabin is that it is constructed in two sections. The upper section can be lifted, making the workboat easier to transport by road.