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            EBI racing

            Test cells for EBI Racing Cologne (DE)

            One of the test cells Merford made specially for EBI racing
            Several noise tests emphasize the power of the test cell in reducing disturbing noises

            Kremer Racing is a German racing team for historical and classic cars which defines itself as a “Motorclinic”. The company calls itself this way because of their main activities in the rebuilding, tuning, caring and selling of these cars with a major purpose in the air cooled Porsche models. To make these activities as much of a silent success as possible, Kremer Racing asked Merford Noise Control to build an amount of two specially made test cells. 

            One of these is a test cell created for a power roller with driving wind simulation and cooling. The other test cell is an engine dyno specially developed for cylinder blocks. In between the two test cells Merford placed a silent control room, entirely independent of the two test cells.