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            Damen Dredging Equipment

            Accommodation units and pilot houses for Damen Dredging Equipment

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            Merford Cabins has been producing pilot houses and accommodation units for Damen Dredging Equipment’s cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) for several years. When Damen Dredging Equipment delivers a cutter suction dredger with accommodation, the pilot house is placed on top of the accommodation unit. This creates a unique living and working environment for the crew on the ship. The cabins are finished in the distinctive Damen style and can be designed to meet the client’s wishes in many areas.

            Cutter suction dredgers
            Cutter suction dredgers use a cutting mechanism to loosen the sea bed, after which the material is removed through a suction pipe. Damen Dredging Equipment, based in Nijkerk in the Netherlands, produces a number of cutter suction dredger models ranging from a 30 tonne ship with a capacity of 1,000 m3 per hour up to a 580 tonne version with a capacity of 7,000 m3 per hour. To give workers on the ship the opportunity of taking quiet breaks, many of the ships are provided with living accommodation.

            Accommodation equipped with every possible convenience
            Merford Cabins produces the pilot houses and accommodation units from A to Z. In the accommodation unit a kitchen, washroom and sitting area are standard features, together with air conditioning. Some customization is possible according to the client’s requirements – for example, one corner of the unit can be fitted as either a shower or a storage cabinet. Construction and finishing take place at Merford Cabins’ production facility including installation of all electrical fittings and wiring.