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            CHP installation

            Expansion CHP installation for greenhouse

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            On behalf of CHP Engineering & Supply international, Merford Noise Control has developed a sound-insulating enclosure for the CHP installation of a greenhouse. The enclosure has been equipped with a sound-insulated ventilation system. This combination limits the emission of noise to 75 dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre.

            Additional CHP unit for greenhouse
            CHP Engineering & Supply has over twenty years of experience in the CHP industry and focuses on the CHP market in the eastern part of Europe. This company coordinated the realisation of the CHP unit. Merford was commissioned to develop a housing for the Caterpillar/MWM 1.5 MW CHP installation, an expansion of the existing 13MW system. Merford designed, engineered and manufactured a sound-insulating enclosure, equipped with a sound absorbing heat recovery ventilation system.

            Optimised for transport
            Although Merford is accustomed  of taking care of logistics and onsite installation, in the case of this project, the transport and the assembly were carried out by the client. Merford prepared a detailed mounting instruction to ensure the most effective installation possible. The components were designed in such a way that the transport could be implemented efficiently. This point was already addressed during the design phase.