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            Alkmaar transformer station

            A comprehensive insulation package for the Alkmaar transformer station

            Until recently, a transformer station in Alkmaar  had no ‘problems’ from nearby homes. After it was decided to construct a new building complex near the transformer station, a way had to be found to minimise noise pollution without changing the outer appearance of the transformer station. Various measures have been taken to achieve the necessary noise reduction.

            A new building complex with homes and apartments has been built in Alkmaar. In the past, people did not live in this area. There is a transformer station near the area, which contains three 50 kV transformers. The new homes will be constructed at a short distance from here. 

            Transformers generate a specific tone in the 100 and 200 Hz frequency range. This is expected to produce noise pollution for the nearby homes. To make sure that the noise level near the new homes meets legal requirements, the noise made by the transformers had to be reduced by at least 23 dB. A condition was that the outer appearance of the station could not be changed. To achieve this, Merford carried out the following sound-insulating measures on the inside of the three transformer installation areas:

            • A complete vibration insulating SKW type wall with a sound-absorbing interior.
            • A sound-insulated mechanical air supply using IXKA type sound insulators combined with a silent fan.
            • Sound-insulated natural air removal near the existing roof structure of the transformer installation areas, using IXKA type silencers.
            • Replacement of access doors with MD56L type sound-insulating doors.

            The insulating wall is fully detachable. This will make it possible to replace the transformers. The SKW100 type panels were selected for their maximum sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties in the 100 and 200 Hz frequency range.