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            • Barco new head office: special doors for a special building

              Classrooms, an auditorium, demonstration rooms, a restaurant, meeting rooms and office areas, and an exceptional circular architecture.Barco’s new, multifunctional head office in Kortrijk, Belgium, presented many challenges for all involved parties. Merford supplied custom-made doors that combined multiple requirements relating to design and functionality.

            • Louvers for Flood barrier Compressors in Venice

              The historical city of Venice has had to contend with floods for years. In the 20th century, flood water levels have been occurring at an increasingly rapid succession. The cause is not only the rising sea levels, but the subsidence of the city into the unstable subsoil as well. To prevent further floods, flood barriers are being constructed to close off the Venice lagoon from high tides.

            • Expansion CHP installation for greenhouse

              On behalf of CHP Engineering & Supply international, Merford Noise Control has developed a sound-insulating enclosure for the CHP installation of a greenhouse. The enclosure has been equipped with a sound-insulated ventilation system. This combination limits the emission of noise to 75 dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre.

            • Quieter exhaust by grinding line in Mars factory

              One of the largest chocolate factories in the world is in Veghel, in the Netherlands. Here, Mars produces various chocolate bars such as Mars, Bounty and Twix. The factory has a grinding line with several fans with silencers, which transport the grinding air outside. The existing silencers were outdated and needed replacing. Merford supplied six new silencers equipped with removable splitters and inspection hatches, all manufactured for rapid installation during short stoppages of the production lines.

            • XL sound-insulating doors Endemol studios

              Endemol is an Amsterdam-based production company that produces multiplatform entertainment content, including numerous well-known television programmes. Its premises include a number of studios in which various soap operas and sports programmes are recorded. Merford recently fitted the studios with new extra-large sound-insulating doors.