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            Special Doors

            Special Doors

            Keeping sensitive information in and bothersome sound out, and insulating hazardous substances. This can be of vital importance. For example, in data centres that store digital government information. Or in the industry sector where workers are exposed to harmful noise each day. Merford wants to actively contribute to creating optimal housing, working and living environments with a specific door for any situation. Safety and health are priorities, as is comfort of course. Indeed, anyone visiting a cinema would prefer not to hear any noise from another hall!

            Custom-made escape doors for the sound walls of the Dutch Betuwelijn
            Sound-insulating doors for cultural centre De Kroepoekfabriek in Vlaardingen
            Highly sound-insulating doors for the Belgian exhibiton centre 't Bau-huis

            At times standard, always special
            Thinking in solutions; at Merford Special Doors this is what we always do. A solution often is readily available. For example, we have different standard steel doors, safety doors, utility doors and industrial doors. In yet other instances, we supply custom-made doors. The production process at all times takes place in our own factory in Gorinchem, which enables us to properly anticipate and respond to your wishes and requirements. And we do this in-depth. Are you looking for a door that is soundproof, gas and airtight, fireproof, burglarproof and/or bulletproof? Or for a door that is suitable for use in a potentially explosive (ATEX) environment or that has an emergency escape function? We can incorporate all of these properties into the design. Elaborate tests ensure that your door meets all legislated quality criteria and standards.

            Advice, guidance and service
            Are you wondering about the properties a door in your specific situation requires? Based on our extensive experience we can provide you and your architect with optimal advice in various sectors, including the construction & infrastructure, industry, energy and water, machine and equipment manufacture, harbours and transshipment/offshore sectors. However, we also provide the best possible access engineering solutions for exceptional applications. We look after the design process, if any, production, as well as installation. Our project managers will ensure everything goes smoothly, regardless of whether you need one-off doors or doors produced in series. Just-in-time delivery means that Merford Special Doors is a reliable, permanent production partner. 

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              The Bimhuis in Amsterdam provides the stage for Dutch and international jazz and improvised music. It puts on more than 250 concerts each year as part of a wide and varied programme, with attention for both contemporary developments and older trends.

              A2 tunnel Leidsche Rijn
              A2 tunnel Leidsche Rijn

              After a delay of one and a half year, on July 2 2012, the A2 landtunnel at Leidsche Rijn in the Netherlands was opened. The reason of the delay can be found in the fact that the management of the safety systems in its entirety had to be designed and built. As many as 53 different safety systems had to correspond with each other. Therefore it took more time to finish the project than was planned.