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            Merford is committed to corporate social responsibility. This means we put a lot of energy in the welfare of people, and we consider the impact of our activities on the environment. This ambition is reflected in all aspects of our business: from the climate control system in our building to the products we develop and sell.

            Our products
            In principle, most of our products contribute to a sustainable working environment. These include, for example, our fire doors and acoustic absorption materials, or our filter and climate control systems. Also, an increasing number of our products are made, either in part or in whole, from recycled materials. The Ecocab NEO is a good example. This crane operator cabin exists of recycled parts and materials that can be re-used.

            Our building and the production process
            Since 2012 all Merford companies are located in the same building, which was built in 2009. Sustainability was important in the building process. The climate control system, for instance, uses heat recovery and FSC-certified wood was used in its construction. Many of our products are sprayed using environmentally friendly methods, so less solvent is needed. Our employees have lease cars with an energy label of A or B. Charging stations have been installed in the car park for electric vehicles. Additionally, Merford does everything possible to reduce the use of paper; more and more orders are received digitally and invoices are also sent out in digital form.

            Our people
            In relationships with our customers and suppliers, we also work on the principle of sustainability; excellent cooperation and continuity are key, not the price. We offer our employees a safe and healthy work environment. Furthermore, we are investing in the employees of today by offering training courses and the employees of tomorrow by providing internships and encouraging young talent to be excited about technology.